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x-posted, sick turtle?

Hey guys. I'm new to the community and the owner of a red eared slider. He was given to us by a friend about 2 weeks ago, but he hasn't been eating. I think he's sick. We had him in a little bitty plastic pet cage(like the ones they give you when you buy a hermit crab at the mall) with some rocks and water for like a week with no water pump or uv light. SO anyway he just kinda lays around all day. When we got him his new huge tank, pump, and uv light he seemed to look a bit more active so we thought he was feeling better. But he still hasn't eaten(since we got him). I dont think the previous owner had a uv light on him, but he says that turtle used to eat all the time and swim around and looked heatlthy. Now he's just kinda dull looking, and if he is sick i need to know how to care for him. I looked at a turtle info page but lack of apetite and listlessness seems to be a symptom for every sickness listed. Help please!
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