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Box Turtles are Picky Eaters?

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1. I have a regular male box turtle, he's got some orange on his neck- anyway, he is the pickiest damn eater ever! Are all box turtles like this? He'd rather starve than eat pellets so I feed his canned stuff, then I'll give him treats like strawberries or bananna or oranges mixed in- and he'll only eat the treat and refuse to eat the regular food for the rest of the week! :-p And he hates lettuce, sometimes he'll eat bologna, and he's strangely attracted to Cheetos (even bit me b/c had the powder on my finger, OUCH!). Anyone else have this problem? What should I do about it?

2. It never seems to be 'box turtle season' whenever I go to the pet store anymore, not even at the reptile pet stores- why is this? And the box turtles they do have are really ugly and roundish and expensive, not at all like the one I have-- I wanted to get my little guy a friend but do you think slightly different species would be compatible? I don't want them to kill eachother, I just don't want mine to be lonely anymore.

3. My turtle is very grumpy and HATES sunlight... I read somewhere that turtles need sunlight daily so I keep trying with mine but the more I try the more he hates me. Anyone else have this problem?

4. My turtle LOVES swimming in the bathtub... is this normal? He's crazy and will put his head under water long enough to scare me to death. Does anyone else's trutle act like this? I didn't know box turtles could be so aquatic (except for the whole pooping part, gross!)

Any advice or insight you could give me would be greatly appreciated :-)

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